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Matt Pluger

Great experience overall. He works with the artist or band to try and produce your vision. great overall mix on our album. Make sure to have all your instruments(guitar, bass) setup/intonated for best quality on record. Brian is extremely efficient and will get you dialed in on the tone your looking for.

Excellent communication with our band daily on revisions and up to date info on everything. He's friendly, flexible and euthaustic.He works really hard and brings out the best sound that you're looking for. He is current on all the latest software for plug-ins.


Chris Jones (Jonezen)

I love working with Brian. As a hip hop artist, it's refreshing to get in the studio with somebody who sees your vision, then ads his own take to it and helps create something completely original. He's super fast with everything. Mixes the instrumental and vocals while we track. There never really seems to be a "rough" mix of anything. Once it's laid down, it sounds dope. The whole process runs really smooth. It's always good vibes and the tracks come out banging every time. Definitely my go-to producer in Los Angeles.


Ron Christopher

We are completing what will be the first of 4 CDs. Brian Bolen is knowledgeable, competent and completely well versed in technology and procedure. His ideas are not limited to any one genre of music. He is a dedicated and creative professional musician, recording engineer and producer. I am extremely pleased with everything we have accomplished thus far. With Brian's expertise and careful attention to details, I expect this to be a successful ongoing relationship in which I can produce my original material according to my musical vision!

Jack Mahoney

Brian Bolen is a very talented musician on drums, bass, guitar and keyboards with a great voice. He's also a very creative writer, producer, mixer and sound engineer. He has been phenomenally valuable to us over the last 2 years on our 3rd album! Amazing talent!! Great to work with too!! 

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